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The estate is committed to a policy of conservation and management to control the red deer population and improve the quality of stock on the hill in accordance with the objectives set out by the Red Deer Commission.

There are normally three weeks of stalking available to let and tenants the preferred accommodation for stalking parties is Camus Dorche. Stalking is available by the week and tenants will be accompanied by the stalker and the estate will provide a boat or quad bike for recovery.

Up to four beasts can be taken during that week with a limit of one stag per day. Tenants will be encouraged to take poor heads or old stags in accordance with estate policy.

Tenants should however be aware that poor weather or adverse winds may mean that there could be a disappointing week. Generally the tenant may keep the trophies however the estate will retain the carcasses.

The stalking is over some glorious hills that have views either over the sea to the Hebrides or over the loch. Generally access to the hill is up stalkers paths or by boat.