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Lochshiel is a privately owned estate of about 9,000 acres set in glorious countryside and having extensive sea frontage to Loch Moidart and a long frontage to Loch Shiel, a loch that is seventeen miles long. From the hills there are magnificent views to the Hebrides in the west and panoramic views to the mountains around.

The estate operates an active policy of wildlife management and conservation. A salmon and trout hatchery has been established to develop the fish population and this forms part of a network of hatcheries that have been established along the river system. The estate also maintains the red deer population.

The area is noted for its variety of wildlife with a marvellous range of birds, flowers and sea life. Eagles, buzzards, ospreys and goosanders can be spotted, as well as otters, pine martens, and other rare species that can be seen. In the sea loch there is a colony of seals and you will see ducks, oystercatchers and cormorants.

Loch Moidart is a particularly attractive sea loch and much of the frontage to this loch and the frontage to Loch Shiel has ancient woodlands along their sides. This ancient Caledonian forest of birch and oak trees are designated as a site of special scientific interest to protect the forest and the loch side habitat of the rare Black Throated Diver. 

Situated on a prominent site guarding Loch Moidart is Castle Tioram, the traditional seat of the Clanranald MacDonalds. This beautiful castle is connected to the mainland by a sand bar and is an island at high tide. Across the loch is the pretty island of Eilean Shona and it was here that J M Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, regularly stayed during the 1920’s.

The pretty little estate village of Dorlin is spread along Loch Moidart and overlooks the sea. The hamlet is centred on the pretty little harbour with its stone pier and set against the backdrop of the old stone built fisheries and attractive listed ice houses. All the buildings are about 150 years old and make a picturesque and unspoilt scene.       

There are two houses in private ownership and the rest form part of the estate. The estate houses comprise the Keeper’s House, the Foreman’s Cottage, and four holiday cottages; Mary Ann’s Cottage, Dorlin Cottage, Gardener’s Cottage and Scarduish. There is also another holiday cottage, Camus Dorche, about a mile away overlooking an attractive salmon pool on the River Shiel.  

Near the end of the public road is the old home farmhouse, now in separate ownership, a modern cottage and sawmill. Gardener’s Cottage, one of the holiday cottages is at the end of the public road and the other houses and cottages are approached over the private estate roads that follow the old sea wall.

The estate has five holiday cottages, all of which have sea or river views, available to let. The cottages have been extensively refurbished and modernised in the past few years retaining their original charm and character. They are all located in spectacular situations within 100 yards of the sea or the river. There is also stalking and fishing available to let.