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The estate owns the north bank of the River Shiel along the entire length of the river. The river is well known as a famous salmon and trout river although in common with other rivers on the west coast of Scotland catches have declined in recent years.



To help increase fish stocks a hatchery has been established and 40,000 to 80,000 salmon fry are raised and introduced to the river system every year from the estate hatchery. This has recently been expanded with the establishment of two further hatcheries on the river system.



Effective management and conservation are helping to arrest the decline in salmon numbers and improve fishing. Fishing is organised by arrangement with the owners of the south bank in a two beat system fishing both banks of the upper part and then the lower part of the river for half a day each. A catch and release policy has been adopted.

This is a pretty river with a great variety of fishing along its length, from wading where the loch feeds into the river to fishing off stages at the house pools and attractive fishing at the bottom of the river where the river flows into the sea.


Fishing is available by the week from late May to the end of September and normally the party will stay at Camus Dorche. Fishing is available for four to six rods and the keeper will act as gillie for the party. There are a few shared weeks available during the season.